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Who Are We?

Audi-Factor System, Inc. is one of the most active audio software producers. Formed in 2005, we have developed many practical software products for better audio creation and editing. For all customers, novices or experts, we always provide programs that suit them most. We value diligence, creativity and innovation. Our goal is to bring convenience and professional assistance to the area, for the benefit of users throughout the region.

Customer Focus

Audi-Factor System will be specializing in aggressively priced, feature-packed, high-quality consumer products. Our goal is to challenge some of the major players in the business with what we believe are better products priced more reasonably.

International Base

We decide to code software that would be useful for everyone who want to do audio editing (cut, copy, paste, mix, loop, etc.) on their audio files and use their favorite VST effects inside MP3 Music Editor.


Contact Us

Audi-Factor System is located in Parkville, MD, USA

Eastern Standard Time Zone

Business Hours

8:00am-7:00pm EST, Monday-Friday

Contact Info

Mailing Address:
Audi-Factor System
3796 N Yosemite St,
Parkville, MD 31267, USA

Contact Person: Sean Wilkinson

Phone: (562) 846-6178
Fax: (562) 846-6177


Web site:

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