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The following is a list of quotes by our customers that we feel shows our pride in how we do business.


See what users say about our product:

...easy to use.

"A great music editing program. I find it easy to use. With the small size and simple buttons, now it becomes the most frequently used tools on my desktop."
- Kyle Wallace, MAN B&W Diesel A/S


...make any music awesome.

"In addition to great features that rip, burn, convert, and organize music files, MP3 Music Editor comes with enough audio effects to make any music awesome."
- Jack Lawson


...add sound effects to my own recording.

"Since the first time I use MP3 Music Editor I've got nothing better. I quite love using it to add sound effects to my own recording. Hope it gets better and better..."
- Gortman Wilkinson, Siemens AG


...for optimizing and converting MP3 files.

"What? The software that improves your MP3 file size along with converting it? I didn't believe it but I was intrigued enough to try MP3 Music Editor – WOW! This software Rocks!" I will surely recommend your product to anyone who uses computers for optimizing and converting MP3 files."
- Thaddeus Stewart


...the right one!

"Think I got the right one! Like its clean design. I can use those functions quickly now by only a few clicks. Thanks."
- Darren Johnson, Curtin University of Technology


...good, simple, innovative.

"Hearty congratulations to the designers of this fantastic utility! The ease of converting is tough to beat, and the sound quality and normalization features so far have been simly excellent. good, simple, innovative product that simply does not crash."
- Mario from America


...keep use it! 

"The result of each editing is perfect. I accept no flaw and I keep using it to process all my work."
- Michael Murdock


...Super easy to make ringtones.

"Love the fact that I can make unlimited ringtones with such ease. Super easy to make ringtones with MP3 Music Editor. Thank you for putting such a fine product for internet users to enjoy."
- El Greco

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